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Hey JV,

This page could scream at you that promoting Andrew Hansen and Sara Young’s new program Digital Worth Academy on August 21st will make you more money than 50 Cent accidentally made with Bitcoin...

But you know as well as we do: Product launches in the internet marketing space are getting worse.

They’re harder to pull off, harder to get people to care, with lower conversions and higher refunds.

*Ohhh, amazing opening guys! You’re almost getting them TOO excited!*...

If you’re anything like us, your list members are growing jaded and skeptical and the only reason they still open your emails instead of unsubscribing like the rest is…

… They think you care.

They think...

- You’re at the cutting edge.
- You follow the most up to date strategies.
- You’re not like the other gurus.
- You only support the smartest ideas, and the best marketers…
- You’re not just in it for the money; Ready to grab every cent of profit with no regard for the consequences.

Your subscribers know that and they appreciate it.

So Why Would You Promote THIS Launch?

That’s it. That’s why. You care, and so do we.

We have dedicated a combined 23 years to an evolving version of the same core business model: SEO and content driven affiliate marketing. And it’s actually working better today than at any point in history, if you know what you’re doing.

We’re as successful with it, and better at teaching it than anyone else in the game.

Yes, of course, this has meant we’ve paid well over a million dollars to affiliates in the last 5 years, but more than anything...

Our programs are outstanding & they get real results.

We care about our students. We care about our JVs, we care about our products, and we’ve proven it, launch after launch, for the past 5 years.

Promoting our launch tells your customers you care.

And really... if you want to keep making money in this internet marketing game today…

… avoid your subscribers jumping on the bandwagon of another expert…

… I’m pretty sure caring is the only choice you’ve got.

Commissions & Bonuses You'll Earn

There are 3 ways you'll be earning money as a Digital Worth Academy JV:

  1. DWA One Time Payment Sales @ $1997 = $975 commission.
  2. DWA Installments Sales @ 3 x $797 = $1195 commission.
  3. Your share in $50,000 worth of JV Contest prizes outlined below.

The launch will be on Clickbank and you'll be able to join the Whitelist by filling out the form below.

Key Dates For The Launch

Prelaunch Starts: Monday August 13th

Prelaunch Contest Ends: Midnight Monday August 20th

Cart Opens: Tuesday August 21st at 12pm ET

Cart Close & Launch Contest Ends: Thursday August 30th, Midnight ET

Prelaunch Contest: $8k In Prizes To Be Won

Promoting DW Academy during the prelaunch, August 13th to August 20th, you’ll be eligible for two big rewards:

  1. $2 per lead you send during the prelaunch.

    We’ll be giving away a cracking, content-filled case study report that gives real insight into how to profit from this digital asset business model.

    When you send your subscribers to it, you’ll…

    a) Earn $2 per lead referred, paid out as the launch ends.

    b) Have leads hard coded so that you earn commission when they purchase through one of our launch webinars.

    c) Go into the prelaunch contest and qualify for further cash prizes...
  2. $8,000 In Prelaunch Prizes

  3. In addition, all leads sent during our prelaunch will qualify toward the prelaunch contest, where the following prizes will be paid:

    1st Prize: $4,000
    2nd Prize: $2,000
    3rd Prize: $1,000
    4th-10th Prize: $100

    On top of that, prelaunch leads earn you commissions. When leads you’ve sent convert, you get paid.

    Oh AND, those commissions count toward your launch contest standings too!

Launch Sales Contest: $50k Prizes Up For Grabs

Both sales that we convert from your prelaunch leads, and sales you make during the launch sequence will count toward the launch sales contest.

With $50k prizes up for grabs, and a relatively small pool of invite only JVs, you’ll be guaranteed some additional cash.

Here's how the top 10 prizes will look:

1st Place: $20,000
2nd Place: $10,000
3rd Place: $7,000
4th Place: $5,000
5th Place: $3,000
6th Place: $2,000
7th Place: $1,000
8th Place: $700
9th Place: $500
10th Place: $300

Prizes will be paid by Paypal, by September 9th.

2 Ways To Promote Digital Worth Academy

You can promote the launch of Digital Worth Academy by either:

  1. Sending traffic to our webinars, replays, QnA’s and offer pages, as well as the prelaunch material.

    All traffic you send, to any promotional piece we have will be hardcoded to you, so you’re guaranteed commissions.
  2. Hosting a live webinar with us as your guests.

    This will maximize your conversions and give us the chance to give maximum value to your audience via QnA.

    Of course you’ll also have hardcoding of leads here and we’ll provide all the swipes and promo material you need to make this a success.

However you promote, you can qualify for the prelaunch contest and the launch contest, and go into the running for the $50k worth of prizes.

Book Your Webinar Slot Today

If you’re taking option B and would like to promote with a live webinar, use the calendar below to book your webinar slot.

Start by entering your Timezone and the calendar will show you the dates and times available as of today. When you've chosen one, you can simply select it. When we see you've booked, we'll be in touch to confirm details.

What Is Digital Worth Academy?

DW Academy is a course, software suite and coaching program focused on how to build high authority web properties for income and eventual asset sale.

It’ll focus on 3 core elements:

- Finding low competition profit centers in big niches
- Building small blogs that turn into large content platforms
- Using clean and highly effective SEO systems to start a snowball of long term traffic.

Web properties worse than the ones our students will build, monetized the same way, are selling for 30x monthly revenue.

See the screenshot below...

We’ll be teaching how to grow a web property from zero to $10,000 per month revenue, and set up for a sale at 30x: $300k

What's In The Course?

Digital Worth Academy will include the following components:

1. The Course: 7 sections, more than 30 modules and 150 videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch.

2. The Coaching Program: For 10 Weeks, Sara and Andrew along with their team of coaches (all former students now successful with their own websites) guide students by hand through the setup process, including live webinars, one on one chats, support desk, forum and more.

3. Software Tools: Our suite of proprietary software tools give students a competitive advantage in building web properties. Different tools help locate niche opportunities more easily, hunt down perfect keywords with analytical precision & calculate profit potential of new markets before entering them.

4. Community: In our members area, private facebook group and forum, members can form real bonds, helping each other succeed through networking and relationships.

5. Outsource Staff: Access to a list of our own verified staff members who can help students complete tasks that will accelerate their results, from keyword research, to content creation, to website design, to SEO. If students don’t have time to complete tasks on their own, this lets them make progress anyway.

How To Get Your Affiliate Links

We are going to be using Clickbank for this launch, so you will need to register with the form below, entering your Clickbank ID, and you'll be manually added to our Whitelist if approved.

From there, you'll get the link straight to the page to get your tools and hoplinks.

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Digital Worth Academy teaches a smart, simple strategy for generating an income by building digital assets. No "hacks", no "overnight success", just real businesses and long term wealth.

Rules, FAQs & The Boring Stuff

Let's get the nasties out of the way.

Here's a set of things that will force us to disqualify your commissions and not pay you.

#1 Don't Promote Constant Profits Club With Unsolicited Email

If you were actually considering doing that... I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

#2. Do NOT misrepresent the product/offer. ie don't write stupid stuff in your reviews.

Sara and Andrew have a reputation for integrity and will not tolerate any misleading, misrepresenting claims being made about Digital Worth Academy.

You must follow any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable both in the country where you are based and in the countries from which you are sending website traffic or advertising in.

#3 Don't Use Negative Reviews

That is so 2013. If you're attracting attention with headlines like "DW Academy is a scam!" or "Don't Buy DW Academy" we'll have to discontinue your promotion and void your commissions.

#4 Don't Send Traffic From Junk Traffic Sites

If you were even considering this I don’t know how you found yourself reading this page.