Interview: New Opportunities For Affiliates in The Future of The Web

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Key Moments

02:35: How Chris got started selling online selling skateboards.
09:08: The first “wow” affiliate marketing moment, using download sites to drive traffic.
18:00: How to think about trends in business: Which trends are worth paying attention to? Which are worth trying to capitalize on?
21:00: The value of being the first mover in any niche.
25:05: Chris’s big problem with “hustle culture”.
31:00: How Chris thinks about picking niches and business opportunities. This was one of my favorite parts of the interview. I’ve never heard someone talk about niche selection this way.
36:55: Some of the macro factors Chris sees as possibly creating opportunities for marketers in the years to come.
40:50: Introduction to the weird future of AI in marketing technology (and what it means for you as a marketer)
55:00: How upcoming changes in marketing technology could increase the value of your niche sites and their traffic.
1:00:20: What connects this high-tech future to our distinctly low-tech business model of content sites and high buyer intent traffic.
1:06:10: Ideas that expand organic traffic affiliate marketing to capture more buyers.

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