We’re Andrew Hansen & Sara Young and this is DigitalWorth.com. Nice to meet you!

This site, and pretty much everything we do, is dedicated to showing people legitimate ways to build small, income-producing websites using – primarily but not only – content marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

We’ve been building sites and running businesses like this ourselves for 14 years. We’ve been teaching other people how to do it for 12 years.

That’s the briefest possible “what we’re about”. But we also have to talk about…

What We’re Not About

When we meet new people – like, out in the real world – and they ask what we do, we never, ever say “I teach people how to make money on the internet”.

And there’s a good reason: We want absolutely no association with the world of “internet marketing” and “making money online” that most people know.

Because, with the exception of a handful of decent and reputable people, it’s gross. From the excess hype to the misleading claims, to the apparent “gurus”, to the annoying ads. It’s just bad, from top to bottom.

And I believe (Andrew speaking for himself now) in the aggregate, it hurts people. I would bet that more money gets taken from people who shouldn’t have bought “how to build a business” courses in the first place than is made by people who buy them and end up being successful.

But, before we get too deep into this emotional pit of yuck, let me bring it up a notch…


Part of why this is so frustrating is that, regardless of all that nonsense, regular people can and do still make little businesses online that pay their bills, free up their time, and fund their lifestyles.

I’m not talking about 8 figure mega-companies here. I’m talking about little side projects that earn them an extra $1,000 or $2,000, or $5,000 a month and totally change the way they live their lives.

  • People who are hard-working
  • People who can stick at things
  • People who have a good strategy to follow
  • People who have a tiny bit of money to invest (because starting a business when you’re in financial difficulty is the worst thing you can do)
  • People who are happy to spend at least a year to build something that’s profitable long term (no “make money by next month”)

… Those people really can do it, and we’ve seen it over and over again.

The Best Strategies For The Right People

We want to provide the best online business building training, to the right people.

We want to fight back the fake experts and the stupid hypey ads; The rehashed information and the out of date strategies.

We’re a haven for the hard-working but fed up.

We want to be proud to say that we help people build legitimate, lasting side businesses working from home.

  • If you’re sick of reading about building a business online and you want to finally get to it, welcome.
  • If you’re sick of investing in online business courses that get you nowhere, come on in.
  • If you like up to the minute strategies from industry veterans who are doing what they teach every day, take a seat.

We think you’ll like it at DigitalWorth.