3 Profitable Niche Ideas For Affiliates – September 2019

It’s been too long since I wrote a “3 Niches I’d Enter” post. I thought it time to resurrect the tradition at Digital Worth.

Below are 3 niches Sara and I think would make excellent markets for starting an affiliate/authority site in 2019, along with ideas for products to promote and traffic sources to tap.

#1: Web Privacy/Security

It’s an issue that hasn’t been out of the news in the past 2 years. Even Mark Zuckerberg said – now infamously – “the future is private” (which I don’t take to be a statement of his own commitment to privacy, so much as his understanding that more than ever, it’s something web users care about).

There is an increasing number of tools and services coming to market that help people improve their online privacy and security, and I can envision a good educational site that provides huge value in this area.

What Would You Promote?

One example is VPN software.

The tool Hotspot Shield has a recurring monthly commission affiliate program (looks like about $6 per sale per month), as does the popular HMA VPN, and I’m sure many others.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg in this market.

Next, you have cloud storage, DNS services, email providers and web hosting all with products (and affiliate programs) focused specifically on increasing privacy and security.

For example, the cloud storage service Boxcryptor has an affiliate program paying 25% commission with recurring payouts.

For a list of ideas for products and services in this space, see PrivacyTools.io.

How Would You Get Traffic?

Hotspot shield has some low competition keywords available:

As does Boxcryptor…

And there are so many others.

What Else is Good?

Because this topic is always in the news, there would be countless news style articles you could publish on a blog for links and social traffic. The topic is also heavily politicized which is not going to hurt your potential for building traffic and community.

#2: Eye Care

With the increased use of screens has come an increased concern for the health of our eyes.

And with increased concern, has come increased marketing. I was shocked to learn how many different eye drops, eye creams, eyeglasses, and eye tests there were when I started looking.

Look for example at the Google trends data for Eye Drops in the past 5 years:

While this market does veer into YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) territory, and so will require a more experienced author, the upside potential is very high and very likely worth the effort.

What Would You Promote?

To start, you’ve got eye drops, glasses, and supplements.

All the most searched eye drop products I could see were sold on Amazon, hence available through the Associate’s program. They’re not all as cheap as you might imagine either, meaning decent commissions are on offer.

Speaking of decent commissions, you can look at supplements.

Here’s an eye supplement offer that pays $82 per sale.

And as for glasses, I would first be thinking niche.

Blue light blocking glasses have seen a 10 fold increase in popularity in the last 5 years (I even got myself a pair of these recently!)

And they have countless affiliate programs available, including one of the more popular brands called Gunnar.

If that’s not enough, there’s even an affiliate program that pays for leads for LASIK surgery.

How Would You Get Traffic?

For some reason, even the top-level keywords around “eye drops” don’t have high competition in organic search:

As do blue light glasses, buyer keywords included:

As do Gunnar glasses themselves:

But again, these are only the very beginning.

What Else is Good?

There’s plenty of potential for informational content in this market that could attract links and traffic: Training, exercises & updates on new research just to name a few.

It has strong long term potential and plenty of possible areas for continued development.

#3: Makeup/Skincare

I’m not about to say that makeup is more popular than it once was.

Yet I can never quite believe how much innovation takes place in this market year after year.

New products, new technology. They even put new words into existence! (more on which below)

More importantly for affiliates, many products are expensive and need repurchasing.

What Would You Promote?

Look at these screenshots from Trendhunter.com:

Microblading? Dermaplaning? Forget the fact that it sounds more like aviation than skincare, and focus on the profit potential…

The high-end Net-a-porter has an affiliate program paying 6% and a huge selection of makeup products (that can serve as keyword research as well as offer research).

There are many skincare offers paying out more than $50 per sale (even per lead) through affiliate networks:

As for Amazon, our Commission Wizard tool is showing at least 27 good products for sale over $50 and with strong reviews, just in the skincare subcategory, not including makeup.

Here are the top 5:

How Would You Get Traffic?

Microblading pens – though cheap, at up to $40 – are wide open:

But for something more expensive, try ranking for Dermaflash, which costs $2oo and you can promote through the Sephora affiliate program.

I can’t exaggerate how easy it was to find opportunities in this market.

The very next expensive product I checked on Sephora was $139 and also had easy traffic opportunities available:

What Else is Good?

Lots of affiliates in this market make money with Youtube and Instagram. If you’re willing to use yourself to create content, those avenues could be lucrative alone, as well as bolster your authority site’s presence and diversifying traffic and revenue sources.

There You Have It

3 niche ideas that would make for outstanding authority sites in 2019, complete with your first products to promote, your first keywords and traffic sources.

You needn’t worry about competing with other DW readers in these markets. They’re all big enough that after you hit those first few products I mentioned, you would each inevitably spread out into different corners.

If those markets don’t appeal, never fear. We’ll be publishing more niche ideas in the months to come.

If you think you could make a start in those markets, let’s do it. Of course, you could do it yourself. Plenty of people have.

… Or you can grab a full package of niches, products & traffic opportunities we’ve already researched for you, with the Affiliate Marketing Quickstart Pack.

Affiliate Market Quickstart Pack

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