3 Profitable Niche Ideas for Affiliates – October 2019

Looking for new affiliate opportunities this month? Here are 3 markets Sara and I would love to enter as an affiliate this month if we had unlimited time, and fewer kids 🙂

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#1: “Grow Stuff”

When I saw this affiliate offer pop up, I had to Google to find out what it was.

The niche is basically indoor gardening equipment. Apparently, an increasing number of people who live in apartments or small homes (or areas without great soil, air or light) are wanting to grow food, plants – and let’s face it, with the legalization wave happening in America, Marijuana – at home.

Grow tents, grow boxes, grow rooms, and grow lights are all expensive pieces of equipment needed for this pursuit. Fortunately for us all, they come with plenty of affiliate programs.

What Would You Promote?

Shareasale carries a merchant called Grow Strong Industries that (at time of writing) has paid an average commission of $213 per sale to affiliates in the past week.

They have a large range of products available, many of which have existing search volume…

How Would You Get Traffic?

The keywords for Grow Boxes have plenty of volume and low competition, with a few brand phrases in the mix.

As do Grow Lights…

And Grow Tents…

What Else is Good?

There is no chance of this market getting smaller in the years to come. Who knows what happens if/when more of the US, Europe, the UK, even my humble Australia moves to legalize.

To be sure, it’s a market for the affiliate with a personal interest or experience, but for that person, there is an enormous upside.

#2: Ethical Fashion

This year for her birthday, I bought my wife a piece of clothing from Everlane.com, a store with a focus on high-quality goods from ethical factories.

Everlane is part of a wave of ethical fashion retailers popping up across the globe, aiming to improve wages & working conditions with supply chain transparency that goes all the way to the consumer.

For our purposes, ethical fashion is a market primed for trustworthy authority sites and thought leaders who can help those consumers navigate the space, and make the best decisions possible.

What Would You Promote?

Many popular ethical fashion labels have affiliate programs already.

Everlane has an affiliate program.

Thought Clothing have a program offering 6-12% commission.


As does the slightly higher-end ABLE Clothing, available through Shareasale.

And these are just the beginning.

How Would You Get Traffic?

In this market, the organic traffic opportunities aren’t as “in your face” as they are with Grow Stuff.

Some people are searching for ethical clothing items by brand name, as you can see here, with the keyword searches for Everlane:

And the searches for another brand Nisolo:


Sometimes people are looking for individual items in the market, without knowing the brands, like in this example:

Low volume but extremely high-value keywords

Then there are the various kinds of ethical clothing: Organic, vegan, fair trade, recycled, upcycled and certainly more I’ve never heard of.

Where I think the most opportunity exists in this market is in educating people who would like to live in a more socially conscious way by highlighting new companies and products. Authority site TheGoodTrade.com is doing an outstanding job of this (and getting $400k worth of organic traffic a month, at time of writing).

What Else is Good?

The potential for social traffic is high in this market. There are elements of controversy. There are unlimited options for informational articles to attract links. There will certainly be more stores and brands like these in future. And if you’re that way inclined, what better way to make a living than by encouraging the kind of purchases that reduce suffering in the world?

#3: Electric Personal Transportation

You’ve seen electric scooters. You’ve probably seen those electric skateboards.

But do you know about electric unicyles? Airwheels? OneWheels? Rideable Laptops?!

The market for electric personal transportation devices is developing rapidly, and it’s got everything an affiliate could possibly want:

  • A constant flow of new products coming to market that are all really expensive.
  • Countless small brands, niches, and categories.
  • Accessories, upgrades and how-to information usually needed.

Even though it’s growing in competition, there are plenty of rankable corners to get started in.

How Would You Get Traffic?

In this market, there are so many traffic opportunities it’s easiest to start at that step and look backward for the best affiliate program second.

Here are some ideas for traffic opportunities. You could start with brands like these:


What Would You Promote?

For Segway, Swagtron and countless other electric transport products, Amazon is the easy way to start.

Many of them have private affiliate programs too.

Segway, for example, runs its program through Shareasale, and despite a low 4% commission, they’re generating more than a dollar per click (not guaranteed on Amazon).

There’s another good program for electric skateboards through Shareasale too. The brand is called TeamGee, they have search volume, and you can earn 8% commission.

What Else is Good?

The innovation will continue in this market. More brands will enter. And more people will come to be interested in this form of transportation as it becomes better and cheaper.

The market has tie ins with so many other topics into which your site could expand: Think gadgets, personal efficiency, and time management.

I also love that in this market, commissions are so high you wouldn’t need a lot of traffic to make money.

There You Have It

Our 3 profitable niche ideas for affiliates in October 2019. Each of these carries the potential for a 5 figure per month affiliate site.

If you want to take the fast lane to an income-producing affiliate site, grab the blueprint and software suite that did it for us, and so many others.


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