11 High Ticket Affiliate Programs Paying Up to $1,750 Per Sale

You’re about to see a list of high ticket affiliate programs and offers that are a little off the beaten path. You’re not going to see yachts, or credit cards, or web hosting plans on this list.

They are current opportunities for affiliate marketers to earn high commissions even if they can only make a small number of sales.

But before we dive into the list, we need to be clear on a few things…

If you’re interested in high ticket affiliate programs, I assume it’s because you want your affiliate commissions to come easier. Right? You want to see how much you can earn, even if you’re not able to build a large site, or drive a large amount of traffic.

If that’s true, you need to understand the following. This is what we’ve learned in 12 years of affiliate marketing.

Commission Payouts & Conversion Rates

In general, commission payouts and conversion rates have an inverse relationship. As commission rates go up, you will make fewer sales per 100 visitors you send. It’s easy to understand why.

As the price of a product goes up, so does the time it takes the buyer to make their buying decision. When you promote a $50 item, you might earn commissions when someone adds it to their shopping cart on an impulse.

But people don’t really add $800 motorcycle exhausts to their weekly grocery shop. They research first, they compare, they consider. They wait until they have the spare cash.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make money selling expensive products as an affiliate.

It does mean you have 2 more factors to consider:

Factor #1: Cookie Length

If you’re selling a high ticket item, you ideally want a longer cookie length. If you’re new to this, cookie length means the amount of time from when someone clicks your affiliate link, within which you will still earn the commission if they buy.

If you’re selling high ticket items with the Amazon Associate program, you have a 24-hour cookie. If the person clicks your link and doesn’t buy the expensive product within 24 hours, you earn nothing.

Other affiliate programs (some you’ll see below) have 30-day cookies. Some have 90 days and 120 days. Now and then you even see a lifetime cookie program. The point is, when you’re picking a high ticket affiliate program, you need to check that duration before you start.

Factor #2: Information Volume

In general, the more expensive a product is, the more the buyer will deliberate, and the more information you’ll need to provide in order to close the sale.

An expensive meat smoker will have lots of different features and functions and the buyer won’t feel confident in their purchase unless you’ve answered the important questions they have about whether this smoker is really the right one for them.

This means work. You might make a lot of money on the commission, but you have to do more work on the front end, creating the content to help this person.

Will the extra work be worth it? If you take nothing else from this article, please remember this point: You need other data points than just the commission payout in order to decide whether an affiliate offer is worth promoting.

(NOTE: To make this point clear, consider that we recently built an affiliate site to earning more than $17,000 in a single month… and none of the products it promoted earned more than $30 in commissions. Download our 5 Steps Report to learn more about that site and how we did it.)

High Commission = High Competition

In general, there is a direct relationship between commission rates and competition. There are always exceptions but typically, the higher the commission, the higher the competition.

You can make $500 per sale promoting some credit card offer. Maybe $200 a lead in the car insurance market.

But you’ll be competing against the best affiliates on the internet, with the most money to spend. These are businesses who can lose money on a new affiliate site or campaign for a year before turning a profit, just to get a leg up in the market.

You don’t want that. What you really want, is a high ticket affiliate offer that isn’t completely buried in competition by other affiliates.

Specifically, you want a high ticket affiliate offer that also has an available source of traffic (organic search, paid search, social, email, media) that you, at your level of experience, can access.

High Ticket, or High Earnings Per Click (EPC)?

Compare these two affiliate offers from the network Shareasale.

The first is a reasonably “high ticket” affiliate offer by most people’s definition. It pays out $95 per sale.

But look at the EPC.

The EPC at most networks is the amount the offer earned per 100 visitors sent.

If you send traffic to that offer this week, you’ll make $4 per 100 visitors.

Now look at this “low ticket” affiliate offer, paying out just $9.45 per sale.

Here you “only” earn $9.45 for a sale. But the conversion rate is so high that you end up with $102 for every 100 visitors you send this merchant!

Last note on EPC: It also doesn’t tell you “everything”. It might be that the merchant only allows a small number of affiliates who are sending really targeted traffic. If you sign up and send them random visitors from your Facebook feed, you shouldn’t expect to earn that same EPC.

But I hope by now my point is clear.

High ticket affiliate programs are great, but they’re not everything. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting an affiliate offer to promote, and the commission payout is just one of them.

With that long introduction out of the way, I present you…

11 High Ticket (And High EPC) Affiliate Programs & Offers

I’m listing programs and affiliate offers here. I’m also listing high payout offers and high EPC offers because as we now know, that’s what you really want.

You’ll see the offer, the program it’s available through, and it’s most exciting stats.

NOTE: The stats listed here are the ones I saw at the time of writing. You might see a slightly different number if you look again today, but these will still be high paying affiliate offers regardless.

Here goes…

#1: MyHippo.com: $1,250 EPC

You read that right. At the time of writing, these people are paying out $12.50 for every visitor you send them.

Check it out:

Note the payout is for a lead. You don’t even need people to buy anything to get paid here.

And it’s the home insurance market, so you shouldn’t expect any “easy money” here.

But you also don’t need a lot of traffic when you’re making more than $12 for every click you send.

This one is available through Shareasale.com.

#2 BrainSensei.com: $488 EPC

This is a training program that helps people prepare for a project management certification exam.

It’s a “niche” topic. I would bet on there being traffic opportunities available with paid and organic, if not elsewhere.

And $488 per 100 visitors is enormous.

This one too is available through Shareasale.com.

#3: Sobriety Success: $275 per sale

A lot of people overlook the huge number of high ticket offers on Clickbank nowadays.

Most of them are from markets like Forex and Business Opportunity (which are better avoided for most affiliates) but many are not, and Sobriety Success is a good example.

A nice way to earn well by truly helping people. Not bad at all.

#4 1-800-inkfarm.com: $345 EPC

This is a great example of a high earning affiliate offer that doesn’t need a “high ticket” product.

1-800-inkfarm.com sells refurbished brand name printer ink and toner cartridges.

Here are the stats:

Out of that screengrab, it says that they convert targeted traffic at 25%! I would bet that’s the stat from their best affiliate (or from their own branded name traffic) but the EPC is from affiliates only, and it’s hard to fake that when the affiliate network (not you) is reporting the stats.

This is an interesting offer, with plenty of search traffic potential and it’s available through CJ.com

#5 UBER Eats Bicycle drivers: $120 per lead

Probably not a name you expected to see on this list.

Uber Eats currently have an affiliate offer through RevenueWire.com where you can get paid $120 for sending them a lead interested in being a delivery driver.

The market for this one is broad enough that it could convert on traffic from lots of different sources. And at $120 per lead, you have wiggle room on your upfront costs.

Even if you had to spend $100 on clicks to get a lead, you’d be a happy camper.

#6 Great Deal Furniture: $504 EPC

This one is an outdoor furniture store in California.

Their products aren’t particularly high end, but they obviously have a decent average order value to be paying out so well for each visitor an affiliate sends.

They have 4000 products available so there could be traffic opportunities on an enormous number of targeted keywords.

This one is also available through CJ.com.

#7 Zero Breeze: $363 EPC

This is a portable air conditioner that apparently a lot of people want.

Their 30 day EPC was more than $1,500 at the time of writing!

This product seems to be riding a wave of popularity that came from a buzzy startup phase (they raised money on crowd-funding sites and got all kinds of press afterward) so I would expect this to be a time-sensitive offer.

That said, it’s such an innovative product that I can imagine it converting traffic from plenty of different sources.

This one is also available through Shareasale.com.

#8 BobsWatches.com Up to $1,000 per sale

This list wouldn’t be complete without an affiliate program for high-end watches.

There are plenty of them, but BobsWatches do 10% commission (high for a physical product) with an average order value of $8,000. You wouldn’t be upset if your average commission was $800.

From their site:

This market is a good example of the Information Volume point I made above.

You need to know a lot to be able to sell a high-end watch. Your ghostwriter from Upwork isn’t going to be able to write you a compelling overview of a $30,000 Rolex. The content will need depth and detail and probably some passion.

In any case, there is still money to be made. This affiliate program is managed privately, so you can apply at their site.

#9 LivingFresh – $710 EPC

This is a company selling bed linens. How expensive could those be, you ask? You might be surprised.

It’s a luxury product with a massive EPC and, since it addresses a number of different pain points (allergies, lack of sustainability etc) I don’t doubt there would be rankable keywords in this market.

This one is available through Shareasale.com.

#10 CapitalistExploits.at: $1,750 per sale

This is a high ticket investment advisory service that does 50% commission for affiliates.

They’re another private program with a range of tools available to help affiliates. It’s a competitive market but if you have existing skill or knowledge you may be able to zero in on some corners of the market with attainable traffic.

You can sign up for this program at their site.

#11 Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft: $24,000 per sale

All the best lists end with a bang, so here you go.

Hammacher Schlemmer has an affiliate program through CJ.com that pays 8% commission store wide.

One of the products they sell is this. It costs $300,000.

I put this here for fun. Don’t try to promote this. There are much easier, more predictable ways to make affiliate commissions.

Key Takeaways

There you have it. 11 high paying affiliate offers that really, I’d rather have you take inspiration from than go off and start promoting.

The best affiliate offer for you to promote will be the one that has great stats, but that also suits your interests, your budget, and your skill level.

Don’t forget these important points:

  • There are plenty of affiliate offers that can provide high earnings per visitor you send, and looking solely at the price point of the product to pick one, is a mistake.
  • Commission payouts are important when deciding on an affiliate offer to promote, but so are conversion rates, cookie lengths and earnings per click stats.
  • You can find the affiliate offer with the best stats on the internet, but it won’t be helpful unless you can access some of the traffic in that market. Ask “Is this a good affiliate offer?”, then ask “Could I actually drive targeted traffic to this offer?”

Want to take this further?

Download our 5 Steps Report to see how we built an affiliate site to earning more than $17,000 in a single month… and none of the products it promoted earned more than $30 in commissions.


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